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Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier breeders in South AfricaBedlington Terrier


The Bedlington Terrier is a breed of terrier named after the mining town of Bedlington, Northumberland in North East England. The Bedlington Terrier has been described as having the look of a lamb with the heart of a lion, partly due to the lint-textured coat, trimmed in a lamb-like cut. The dogs have blue, liver or sandy colouration, all three of which may have tan points. The breed has the greying gene (located on the G locus) which is a dominant trait, causing the coat colour to change from their birth colours of black (in blue) or dark brown (in sandy and liver) to a silvery (for blue) or mauve (for liver and sandy) colour on their bodies with a lighter coloured topknot and legs. This breed has a wedge-shaped head with almond-shaped eyes. The body shape is different from that of most terriers in construction, resembling a sighthound more than a typical terrier, which enables these dogs to gallop at great speed. However, the shoulders, upper arms and front legs are constructed differently from any other breed in that the front legs are closer together at the feet than at the elbows, creating a triangular shape when viewed from the front. This enables them to turn or pivot quickly when chasing quarry at high speed, as well as to enter the restricted underground dens of quarry. Read more about Bedlington Terrier Breed here


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