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Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff breeders in South AfricaNeapolitan Mastiff


The Neapolitan Mastiff, Italian Mastiff, (Italian: Mastino Napoletano) is a large, ancient dog breed. This massive breed is often used as a guard and defender of family and property due to their protective instincts and their fearsome appearance. According to American Kennel Club (AKC) standards, male Neapolitan Mastiffs should measure 26–31 inches (66–79 cm) at the withers, weigh 130–155 pounds (60-70 kg), while females should measure 24–29 inches (61–74 cm) and weigh 110–130 pounds (50–60 kg). Body length should be 10–15% greater than height. Read more about Neapolitan Mastiff Breed here


See the list below for local Neapolitan Mastiff Breeders in South Africa.



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