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Brittany Dog Breeders in South Africa.Brittany Spaniel


The name "Brittany" is taken from a region in northwestern France. Images of Brittanys were first seen on tapestries and paintings from the 17th century. These images depicted orange and white dogs hunting and retrieving game. The first written and verifiable record of Brittanys comes from a hunting description written by Reverend Davies in 1850. Davies described hunting with small "bobtailed" dogs who were pointed and were excellent retrievers. It was around the same time that the modern Brittany is rumored to have been bred by mating with English Setters. First shown at the Paris Dog Show in 1900, the brittany had already been known in Europe for centuries.

The Brittany was first recognized as a breed in 1907 when an orange and white male named "Boy" was registered in France. As a result, the first standards were outlined in the same year. America first recognized the Brittany in 1931 and the breed was approved by the American Kennel Club in 1934. In 1982 the "Spaniel" was officially dropped from the name and the breed became simply known as "Brittany." Read More about the Brittany Breed


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Reve Du Chasseur

Reve Du Chasseur

Breeders of Brittany



Breeders of Brittany